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Orange International Street Fair, Orange, CA

If you have not yet been to the Orange International Street Fair do yourself a favor and find yourself there this weekend.  It is sure to go off and provide you with good times and tasty treats for you and yours!


Friday, August 31st 2012
5pm to 10pm
Alcohol Sales: 5pm-9pm

Saturday, September 1st 2012
10am to 10pm
Alcohol Sales: 10am-9pm

September 2nd 2012
10am to 10pm
Alcohol Sales: Noon-9pm

Here are a few pictures from the last 2-3 Street Fairs.

Yours Truly Eating My Treat on Greek Street: Loukamades.



New Video By deadmau5 Professional Griefers (Official Video) Shot on EPIC Camera

Cool new video by deadmau5 featuring Gerard Way!  Shot on RED DIGITAL CINEMA’s EPIC Camera!!!  Enjoy!

Professional Griefers (Official Video)


Lost Angeles

The hacks that call themselves reporters in this town.  If they wanted the truth (or at least something arrogant), they should have left it to the Bearfighter.  You want to know what happened to the ridiculously arrogant Matt Barkley billboard looming above Westwood?  Let me set you straight.

To recap, USC as part of its PLAY campaign, had about 30 billboards around the city depicting various teams, all arrogant, looking hot and getting in their sports’ respective endzones.  One such billboard featuring 2012 Heisman Winner Matt Barkley was hoisted up above Westwood casting an ominous victory shadow on the droves of nerds patiently waiting for ice cream sandwiches.

Then suddenly, it was stolen.  Or painted over.  Or none of the above.

How about look in France, reporters?  The billboard is now in the Lourve, where it belongs alongside other incredible works of art created by people history recognizes as total winners.  You…

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Corky’s Kitchen and Bakery, Corona

First time here, just thought I would try it out.   I had their country omelet.   Not bad.   Huge portions so come hungry.   I’m really full and I didn’t even finish.   No dessert for me I guess. 




Notre Dame, Really? What do the ND fans think of this?

Lost Angeles

I fully expect Touchdown Jesus to turn around, look into the library and read a book when he sees the “outfits” Notre Dame is wearing for the Shamrock Series game they are playing with cocaine cruise inventors Miami.

I know Notre Dame is our rival, but I am allowed to say it.  I am allowed to say that I do not support the bastardization of tradition in sports.  I think the designated hitter is for wimps.  I think the spread offense with plays called on posterboards that look like high school election campaign posters are clown shoes.  I think most of the new look uniforms teams trot out to attract recruits that would rather be at a fashion show than look tough and kill bears are a total joke.

I know Notre Dame is our rival, but I don’t want to see them do this.  I like the Golden Dome…

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