The Bachelor Recap

I love how he described the kiss on the boat!!

Lost Angeles

Before I take you all to the fantasy suites (fahn tab see sweets) with me, I need to talk directly to Chris Harrison and all the cast and crew members who read my BachCaps.  Never have I seen such east coast bias as the tweet captions they bring up on screen.  Look, I love seeing Lost Angeles friend Possessionista (who is amazing) quoted four times an episode, it’s nice to see Chris Bukowski is still alive with his super skinny head, but for us on the west coast, we’re cut out because I can’t very well tweet about a show that is not on yet, can I?

I think next week at like 5pm Pacific, I just start tweeting made up Women Tell All stories like “Wow, I can’t believe Anna Nicole Schlitz learned her Chris Harrison impression when Chris took her to a secret night club that was actually…

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Benjie’s New York Deli

This Sunday I had breakfast at Benjie’s New York Deli in Santa Ana. I ordered their deli omelette. This beautiful omelette comes with corned beef, pastrami, and salami with a choice of cheese.


Droid pix · Foodie Stuff

Lunch at California Fish Grill

Great lunch, simple.  Grilled white fish with garlic butter sauce.  Delish.  4.5 burps.  Oops, I forgot to add the picture.  Here it is =)  Can you tell that I like this place, I think I could eat here everyday!

Grilled White Fish with Garlic Butter Sauce

Foodie Stuff

California Fish Grill For lunch today!!!

I do love my lunches, and today was one of those days that I really made the right choice.  I went to California Fish Grill in Foothill Ranch.  I had their Grilled Salmon topped with garlic butter sauce.  It was the bomb.com.  So good, that when I got to my last bite, I totally got veclempt, and all choked up.  In fact, I just teared up again just thinking about it. Service was fast and furious as well.  Pretty great.  4.9 burps!!!!


Foodie Stuff

Taco Factory for lunch today

Today I went to Taco Factory in Irvine for a late lunch.  I used to go here all the time and since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to stop by.  I got their Shrimp Burrito Wet Style with green sauce.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed, usually this would be an awesome place to eat, but today, I was a bit underwhelmed.  It was heavy on the tortilla, lot of fluff on both ends, and light on flavor.  It looked great, but not as good as I expected.  3 burps.

Shrimp Burrito "Wet Style"

Shrimp Burrito "Wet Style"
Shrimp Burrito “Wet Style”
Guilty Pleasures

The Bachelor Recap

If you are a fan of The Bachelor, this is a must read.

Lost Angeles

Real quick, check this out.  Despite not playing soccer since there were orange slices and juice boxes involved, I signed up to bring my broad-shouldered aggressive to my company’s coed soccer club.  I asked if someone could give me a few training sessions so I could go from a baseball player to a footballer and simply attached this picture:



I mean, who wouldn’t sign up?

So this week is normally a favorite.  Motherfuckin’ home towns.  It’s that special time of the year where you finally can confirm or deny that awful sinking suspicion that it is, in fact, your family that is preventing you from getting a ring put on it.  That’s a real thing, ladies (and gents).  While you technically are marrying one (1) human, you are also committing yourself to a life of dealing with another family’s set of shit that may make no sense compared to…

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