RED EPIC DRAGON Aerials #EPICDRAGON #r3d #shotonred

RED EPIC DRAGON Aerial Footage.



What a big win for our USC Trojans this year weekend!

Up until Saturday, USC had lost 4 straight football games to Stanford.  Stanford also upset USC in one of the most talked about upsets in college football history.

This Saturday was about redemption and a little bit of  payback.

I was there to witness quite a few the recent games between USC and Stanford including that dreaded upset in 2007.

Here are just a few pictures from this past game on Saturday which I believe put USC back on the map.

Red Robin mmmm….


French onion soup. Kinda bland...very average.


The soup was  underwhelming, but the burger was legit.  3.5 burps.

Tom Kha Soup from Bangkok Thai


Fifty cent wings at Wing Stop.

Yup, that’s right.  Go get you some!  I went with three Original Hot and three Hawaiian….boneless.  Outstanding!  image



Barrel Roll 360 Official Video – Baja 1000 #Baja1000 #r3d

Shot on 13+ RED cameras.  Adrian “The Wildman” Cenni   lives up to his name!

Two Days, two lunches

Salmon Teriyaki and Shrimp TempuraToday’s lunch comes from Fuji Grill in Lake Forest.  Salmon Teriyaki Bowl and Shrimp Tempura. 

Uncle Tony's Italian

Uncle Tony’s Italian .Yesterday’s lunch is from Togo’s in Foothill Ranch.  GREAT sandwich, Deli Quality!  What a great way to start my weekend!


Maison De Pho in Foothill Ranch

Maison De Pho in Foothill Ranch

Beef and Brisket EXCELLENT. 4.5 burps.

Meatball sub from NY Uppercrust


Meatball Sub

Not very good.  Very average.  2.5 burps.  Foothill Ranch Location.

Taqueria De Anda in Orange


Carne Asada wet burrito

This place is great.  Not only are their tacos outstanding, their burritos are king sized.  4.7 burps.

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