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This is what warms my heart everyday.

Playing with this kid, nothing better in this world.




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Perfect for Flashback Friday, here is Lucy O’Doll in another pin-up studio shoot.

I have been lagging on posting a lot of work, so I am playing catch up little by little.  Here is another set of shots from a while back.  This was shot at Wonderland Studios in Anaheim.  Lucy O’Doll  is a stellar model that always brings her “A” Game on every shoot.

LucyPinup-2 LucyPinup-3 LucyPinup-134 LucyPinup-135 LucyPinup-136_pp LucyPinup-138 LucyPinup-140 LucyPinup-141 LucyPinup-142 LucyPinup-143 LucyPinup-144 LucyPinup-145 LucyPinup-146 LucyPinup-147 LucyPinup-148 LucyPinup-149 LucyPinup-150 LucyPinup-151 LucyPinup-152 LucyPinup-153 LucyPinup-154 LucyPinup-155 LucyPinup-156 LucyPinup-157 LucyPinup-158 LucyPinup-159 LucyPinup-160 LucyPinup-161 LucyPinup-164 LucyPinup-165 LucyPinup-166 LucyPinup-168