This is what warms my heart everyday.

Playing with this kid, nothing better in this world.





Luna Grill for lunch today.


Gyro plate.

Now that Football Season is in Full Swing, I present Michele in Steeler’s Gear.

Michele Love Santoro is an Actress, Print Model and Singer.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram!


You’ve been abandoned, but you’re still beautiful (21 HQ Photos)

Rubio’s fish tacos.


Perfect for Flashback Friday, here is Lucy O’Doll in another pin-up studio shoot.

I have been lagging on posting a lot of work, so I am playing catch up little by little.  Here is another set of shots from a while back.  This was shot at Wonderland Studios in Anaheim.  Lucy O’Doll  is a stellar model that always brings her “A” Game on every shoot.

LucyPinup-2 LucyPinup-3 LucyPinup-134 LucyPinup-135 LucyPinup-136_pp LucyPinup-138 LucyPinup-140 LucyPinup-141 LucyPinup-142 LucyPinup-143 LucyPinup-144 LucyPinup-145 LucyPinup-146 LucyPinup-147 LucyPinup-148 LucyPinup-149 LucyPinup-150 LucyPinup-151 LucyPinup-152 LucyPinup-153 LucyPinup-154 LucyPinup-155 LucyPinup-156 LucyPinup-157 LucyPinup-158 LucyPinup-159 LucyPinup-160 LucyPinup-161 LucyPinup-164 LucyPinup-165 LucyPinup-166 LucyPinup-168

Great Gatorade Commercial ~ Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter

Shot On EPIC-Monochrome

Boston College To Wear Red Bandana Uniforms Honoring 9/11 Hero

Pretty Cool BC! Good Game tomorrow!

The Habit


Double Char Burger with cheese and onions.

I love a parade…even a short one.

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