About Marco Montenegro

Who is Marco Montenegro?  A man with a mysterious name.  A man who loves to write about himself in the third person.

Marco was born in the City of Durango, in the state of Durango, Mexico.   He moved to California in 1978 and the country has never been the same.

After graduating from USC School of  Cinematic Arts.  He has always loved movies and made several bad short fun films with his friends and family.  He still loves movies whether watching them or making them, but he also has a passion for the still image.   After living in the city of Orange for most of his life, he now resides in Corona, CA.

Marco loves sports, especially USC Football.  One of his favorite activities is attending USC Home Games or traveling to see his beloved Trojans play.  If you spend anytime on this blog, you will see plenty of interesting pictures of just about anywhere he goes and anything he sees…it should be a bumpy road.

4 thoughts on “About Marco Montenegro

  1. I am hoping you can share with me the graffiti location you did the sullen shoot. I am doing pics for my daughter and her friends for her bday and am looking for locations besides the old power house. Much appreciated if you were willing to share 🙂

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