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Darth Vader Car!!!! #StarWars

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Boba Fett in retirement

In case you were wondering about what happened really happened to Mr. Fett after Return of the Jedi, I recently tracked him down.  He is alive and doing well, bought a ranch and is loving retirement.  Here is proof, please don’t tell Jabba’s people, he is very happy just chillin’.


Guilty Pleasures

Mad Men First Look Photos: The Season 6 Cast Dresses for (Stunning) Success



Make like Don Draper and have your secretary hold your calls, because you’re gonna want to devote all of your attention to this striking sneak peek at Mad Men‘s upcoming sixth season.

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The gallery below showcases members of the AMC drama’s cast — including Jon HammElisabeth MossChristina Hendricks and John Slattery — at their sleek, sexy best. Some of the photos are black-and-white gallery pics; others, like this stunner, are vibrant party shots that jibe with the most recent promo.

madmen watermark joan men

(We don’t know about you, but those get-ups make us very willing to buy anything Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is selling.)

Click through the extensive gallery below, then hit the comments: What sort of ad-world intrigue do you think Mad Men‘s upcoming season — which bows April…

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Guilty Pleasures

The Bachelor Recap

If you are a fan of The Bachelor, this is a must read.

Lost Angeles

Real quick, check this out.  Despite not playing soccer since there were orange slices and juice boxes involved, I signed up to bring my broad-shouldered aggressive to my company’s coed soccer club.  I asked if someone could give me a few training sessions so I could go from a baseball player to a footballer and simply attached this picture:



I mean, who wouldn’t sign up?

So this week is normally a favorite.  Motherfuckin’ home towns.  It’s that special time of the year where you finally can confirm or deny that awful sinking suspicion that it is, in fact, your family that is preventing you from getting a ring put on it.  That’s a real thing, ladies (and gents).  While you technically are marrying one (1) human, you are also committing yourself to a life of dealing with another family’s set of shit that may make no sense compared to…

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