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29 Long Years…GO DODGERS!!!

Thinking back to that 1988 World Series game one Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland A’s.  I was 14 years old and a freshman in High School.  I had gone to a wedding with my mom and we were at her friend’s house in Glendale after the reception.   I didn’t really know anyone there, but we all had one thing in common, we were cheering for the Dodgers.  Little did we know that we were witnessing a historic moment in sports.  Thinking back, that 1988 Dodger team didn’t really have any superstars on it, take a look below.

The Game 1 starting lineup consisted of: 

Second Base Steve SaxImage result for Steve Sax 1988

First Base Franklin Stubbs

Image result for Franklin Stubbs 1988

Left Field Mickey Hatcher

Image result for Mickey Hatcher 1988

Right Field Mike Marshall

Image result for Mike Marshall 1988

Center Field John Shelby

Image result for John Shelby 1988

Catcher Mike Scioscia

Image result for Mike Scioscia 1988 world series

Third Base Jeff Hamilton

Image result for Jeff Hamilton 1988 world series, Short Stop Alfredo Griffin

Image result for Alfredo Griffin 1988 Dodgers

Pitcher (Game One) Tim Belcher

Image result for Tim Belcher 1988 Dodgers

The A’s were loaded with stars: Carney Lansford, Dave Henderson, Jose Canseco, Dave Parker, Mark McGwire, Terry Steinbach, Glenn Hubbard, Walt Weiss, and Dave Stewart and were the heavy favorites.

Kirk Gibson who was one most productive bats in the lineup during the year batted .290 with 25 HR and 76 RBI didn’t even start the game.  Gibson wasn’t even dressed when the 9th inning began.  He was getting treatment for his leg injury suffered in Game 5 vs. the NY Mets while sliding to break up a double play at second base.

How could this 1988 Dodger team possibly win?  The A’s were a heavy favorite, but in the end, the Dodgers won it all in 5 games! Here are some of my favorite images from that series.

Related image

Image result for 1988 Dodgers World Series game 1

Image result for 1988 Dodgers World Series game 1

Image result for 1988 Dodgers World Series game Game 5



Image result for 1988 Dodgers World Series WinImage result for 1988 Dodgers World Series game Game 5

Image result for 1988 Dodgers World Series game 2

Who can forget Orel Hershiser’s scoreless inning streak in 1988? 59 consecutive innings without a run!


I feel like 29 years has been enough, its time to bring the World Series Championship back to Los Angeles.




If You’re Not Jacked Up For Thursday, This Should Do The Trick

GO TEAM USA!!! Get Ready for Tomorrow people…WE WILL MOVE ON!

The Salt Shaker

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One moment doesn’t define us. This is exactly what I needed today. I’ve had a terrible taste in my mouth since the 94th minute last night. Been staying pretty optimistic the whole time, especially since we have like a 76% chance of still moving on to the next round, but like any American I hate it when we don’t win. Thursday is going to be absolutely wild. I know a lot of people are out there saying they’ll settle for the tie but to be honest, I need this win. Think about it. It’s basically Star Wars. Klinsmann (plus the other 6 Germans we have on the squad) is Luke Skywalker and Germany is Darth Vader. How much would those movies fucking suck if Darth Vader survived at the end of Return of the Jedi and they just both went on living their lives happy with the…

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