Space Station Astronauts Grow a Water Bubble in Space


Ronin Motorcycle – A Brand Film #r3d #shotonred

I saw a few RED Cameras at Cine Gear 2015

Bad Blood-Taylor Swift Shot on WEAPON #r3d #shotonred #TaylorSwift

RED Collective: Stijn Verlinde Captures the Ultimate Electronic Dance Music Experience #r3d #dragon


Jurassic World Official Trailer SHOT ON RED! #r3d

“Reincarnation,” film by Karl Lagerfeld ft. Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne & Géraldine Chaplin #DRAGON #r3d

New Chanel film shot on 4 RED Dragons direct by Karl Lagerfeld, DP Xavier Arias shot with Cooke Primes and Angenieux zooms all provided by our good friends @ RVZ.


“The Silver Shadow series will be on display starting October 18th at the Imitate Modern gallery in London. A huge thanks to everyone at Red camera for giving me the new Dragon for this. I have to give another huge thanks to the guys at Panavision for outfitting me with a custom Primo lens for my still camera, I met with them and we have a few great ideas this was our first test together and the result was something even better then I could have imagined, when you see the quality on the large prints you can really see the magic of Panavision and the unique look it created for me.” – Tyler Shields


Here is the BTS  Video

Great Gatorade Commercial ~ Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter

Shot On EPIC-Monochrome

Calvin Klein spot shot on EPIC-DRAGON. #r3d #DRAGON

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