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San Francisco Black and White


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Serina in Los Angeles

I really loved shooting with the lovely Serina Zuniga at LACMA earlier in the year, finally got around to posting these.  Serina is a natural and I really just get to step back and let her do her thing!!!  Still have more to come from this full day of shooting.

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Shooting film on the move

Great Black and whites!!


CNN Photos

Whenever photographer Paul McDonough had enough time and money to get out of the city in the ’70s and ’80s, the New Yorker would pack his camera bag and drive.

He had a brother in Oregon and friends in Los Angeles, New Orleans and elsewhere, so he’d have an end destination in mind, but he kept the itinerary loose.

“The whole point for me as a photographer was to be ready for unscheduled stops,” McDonough said.

In a way, he said, he was looking for a distraction.

“Some states take a day to get through, and you might not feel inclined to get off the highway,” he said. “Others kept you there for a few days.”

McDonough did part-time work for advertising studios and taught part-time at the Pratt Institute of Art. He would save up to buy a beat-up secondhand car, work on it until it ran, then take…

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Suit & Tie Video Justin Timberlake shot on EPIC-X Monochrome

I can’t lie…I love this new video, the song really grew on me immediately.  Do yourselves a favor and listen to it with a pair of good headphones!   Shot on RED’s EPIC Monochrome Cameras and directed by David Fincher.  I love the homage to the RAT PACK style and Gene Kelly.  Stylish, and gorgeous images. 

GENE KELLY Singing in the Rain