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Mad Greek last week.

Got this gem at The Mad Greek in Corona.  Onassis burger.  Yes…that’s pastrami.  Can’t go  there too  often, but it was a nice treat.


Droid pix · Foodie Stuff

In-N-Out for lunch today

It’s been a while, since I popped in and out of this place.  (See what I did there?)  But I was in the neighborhood, so I couldn’t resist.  I went for the #1, protein style, animal style.  Wo wop wop wop yes that’s protein style.  I love this place, its always, always good.  4.75 solid, deep bellow burps.


After I ate this tasty dish, I noticed my car was pretty dirty on the passenger’s side.  Came to find out that a little critter (RACCOON) walked all over my windshield.  I hate those little mo fos!  They sometimes creep into our backyard at night, and just stare me down, with that “Come at me bro” look.


Foodie Stuff

Happy National Cheeseburger Day

In honor of this wondrous occasion.  I decided to have a burger from one of the top burger joints in our vicinity THE HABIT.

I went with their  BBQ Bacon Charburger  Bacon, mayonnaise, pickle, fresh tomato, lettuce and carmelized onions on a toasted bun.

Don’t you wish you had this today?


It was outstanding, and to top it off, I am almost 99 % sure that we saw Hal Landon Jr.   (played Captain Logan on Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure)  Excellent food and totally excellent time!  4.8 Burps.