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In-n-Out makes me happy. Here is why…


Droid pix · Foodie Stuff

In-N-Out for lunch today

It’s been a while, since I popped in and out of this place.  (See what I did there?)  But I was in the neighborhood, so I couldn’t resist.  I went for the #1, protein style, animal style.  Wo wop wop wop yes that’s protein style.  I love this place, its always, always good.  4.75 solid, deep bellow burps.


After I ate this tasty dish, I noticed my car was pretty dirty on the passenger’s side.  Came to find out that a little critter (RACCOON) walked all over my windshield.  I hate those little mo fos!  They sometimes creep into our backyard at night, and just stare me down, with that “Come at me bro” look.