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Weekend in Paso Robles

This was a fun weekend to head down to Paso Robles.  On Saturday October 11th, the City of Paso Robles celebrated it’s 84th Annual Pioneer Day.  This special celebration was created to provide a day of community friendship and commemorate the heritage of the Paso Robles area.  I decided to walk along the parade route to get different angles of the route and get a little exercise in the meantime.  To top off our Saturday, we ended up going to My Granny’s Gardens at San Marcos Ranch to tour the pumpkin patch and partake in some of their fun activities.

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Boba Fett in retirement

In case you were wondering about what happened really happened to Mr. Fett after Return of the Jedi, I recently tracked him down.  He is alive and doing well, bought a ranch and is loving retirement.  Here is proof, please don’t tell Jabba’s people, he is very happy just chillin’.