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A day in Nature in Durango, Mexico

While in Durango, we spent a day at my cousin Gilberto’s house in the woods.  It was incredibly peaceful, and gorgeous.  IMG_6535 IMG_6487 IMG_6486 IMG_6485 IMG_6484 IMG_6483 IMG_6482 IMG_6481


I have always loved pictures…

I really have always loved pictures, so it was only natural for me to eventually take up stills photography.  My only regret is that I took so long to start.  Yesterday, on a visit to see my mom, I decided to snaps some pictures of some old pictures with my cell phone.  Not the best quality photos, but such great memories…random order.

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Boba Fett in retirement

In case you were wondering about what happened really happened to Mr. Fett after Return of the Jedi, I recently tracked him down.  He is alive and doing well, bought a ranch and is loving retirement.  Here is proof, please don’t tell Jabba’s people, he is very happy just chillin’.


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Marty Knapp – Portrait of a Photographer Great Piece Shot on SCARLET-X By RED

Came across this video through a friend of mine.  Great short on Marty Knapp and his photography.  Great Images and inspirational story.

Marty has been photographing the landscapes of Northern California and the surrounding areas near Point Reyes for over 25 years. His work portrays the coastal wilderness area in the classic manner of the great American landscape photographer.

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