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Jimmy John’s is a great sandwich joint. Check it out!!! #jimmyjohns

Clark is very happy, can you tell?
The Gargantuan was…well, Big.
It was definitely freaky fast!!!!

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Two Days, two lunches

Salmon Teriyaki and Shrimp TempuraToday’s lunch comes from Fuji Grill in Lake Forest.  Salmon Teriyaki Bowl and Shrimp Tempura. 

Uncle Tony's Italian
Uncle Tony’s Italian .Yesterday’s lunch is from Togo’s in Foothill Ranch.  GREAT sandwich, Deli Quality!  What a great way to start my weekend!


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Spent waaay too much on lunch today.

Didn’t feel like leaving the building today for lunch so I got a sandwich downstairs…from the vending machine.  I spent a whopping $1.50.  What did that get me? An egg salad sandwich on wheat.  Not great, but I’m not hungry any more.

Here’s a random picture just because.