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Rubio’s Shrimp Grilled Grande bowl.


Muy grande, muy good. Pan Seared Shrimp, Beans Rice, Cheese, Goodness wrapped up in 645 Calories.
4.5 burps. Highly recommend it.

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Taco Factory for lunch today

Today I went to Taco Factory in Irvine for a late lunch.  I used to go here all the time and since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to stop by.  I got their Shrimp Burrito Wet Style with green sauce.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed, usually this would be an awesome place to eat, but today, I was a bit underwhelmed.  It was heavy on the tortilla, lot of fluff on both ends, and light on flavor.  It looked great, but not as good as I expected.  3 burps.

Shrimp Burrito "Wet Style"

Shrimp Burrito "Wet Style"
Shrimp Burrito “Wet Style”
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Wahoo’s for lunch today.

Combo #2 with one fish and one shrimp enchilada.  Outstanding!  4.8 burps.  Every bite had fish or shrimp in it.  No spare room for bs or filler.  I am one   happy customer today.



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Lunch at Rubio’s

It’s nice out…but its cold.



Having lunch at Rubio’s in a Foothill Ranch foodcourt.  Ordered the Grande Bowl with shrimp.  Outstanding!  4.5 burps.  However…could have received 5 burps, I feel like they are a bit stingy with the shrimp.  An equivalent bowl at Wahoo’s would have more shrimp for about the same price.



Still pretty darn tooting good.

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Pick up Stix for lunch today.

Today’s lunch took place at Pick up Stix in Lake Forest.  I went with their Kung Pao Shrimp.  I was really impressed today.  Loved it.  I ordered their lunch combo.  What comes with the lunch combo you ask?  Let me tell you what comes with it.

Lunch Combos

Available from 11:00AM to 3:00PM

  • Individual sized portion of any entree
  • Choice of Egg Fried or Steamed rice, or Plain Chow Mein
  • Choice of Cream Cheese Wontons (2), Crispy Dumplings (2), Egg Roll, or Salad


Doesn’t it look legit?  It was bad ass!  I almost licked the plate, but there were too many people around.  4.75 burps.

I will now share my fortune with you!  Now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  You are welcome America.  Peace.


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SLAPFISH Huntington Beach

I have been following this place on Facebook for months and so I finally made it in.  It was so worth the drive.  I will definitely be back again soon.  Today I had their Seafood Grinder.

The SEAFOOD GRINDER~Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, toasted garlic, butter roll
Chips and Lobster Dip, perfect pre-meal appetizer!

The grinder was outstanding!!!  Check out their Menu here:  http://www.slapfishrestaurant.com/menu
If you are in the Huntington Beach area, you need to do yourself a favor and pop in. I can’t wait to come back and try out something else from their menu. Maybe the fish and chips. 5 burps!

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