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JayDee’s Cafe/Bakery for Lunch on Talk Like A Pirate Day.

First and foremost.  Happy Talk like a Pirate Day.  How this day came about, is a mystery to me, but I am sure there was a good reason for it.  I usually do this everyday, I don’t need a special day to make me talk like a pirate.  Anyway, lets talk about my lunch.  If you would like to read this in a Pirate voice, please do so.  I think we will both get a kick out of it.

Today, I went to a local joint, it is literally located in our same complex, so we just walked over to grab some grub.  JayDee’s Cafe is the name of this place.  I ordered the Patty Melt on wheat.  It was not bad, kinda plain, but that’s ok.  I think I will stick with their breakfast dishes, they are much better.  3 Pirate Burps.