Foodie Stuff

The Viking Truck (Food Truck) for lunch today.

One of my co-workers asked me if I wanted to go check out TIGHT TUESDAY (Food Truck Event) with him today for lunch.  Being a big fan of the Food Truck Circuit, it was hard for me to resist.  We we stocked two cars full of hungry co-workers and headed out.  After much consideration between Taco Maria and The VIKING Truck, I decided to go with the latter.

I had the NEMESIS, which is a smoked bratwurst corndog.  Yup, you heard it right.  Bratwurst Corndog!!!!

Just look at this bad boy!!!  Are you seeing this with your own eyes!?  It was monstrous and every last bite was exquisite!  I even got a little choked up when I was getting down to my last two/three bites.  In fact, I am getting a little verklempt right now.  Be sure to check out the VIKING TRUCK online and follow them, you never know, they might show up in your hood.  4.9 burps.  (out of 5)

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