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Food Trucks? Tight Tuesday? Dos Chinos? What is that?

Tight Tuesday is a little slice of heaven on Earth.  What it comes down is getting this trend out on this thing the kids call Twitter to see where these Gourmet Food trucks are gathering!  We are lucky to have one location near our work where every Tuesday four of these Food Trucks gather to cook up some tasty dishes.  Today I decided to try out the DOS CHINOS Truck.

ImageThis Truck has a Mexican/Vietnamese Fusion and they really do it well.  I ordered the OAHU Shrimp Bowl.  All of their entrees come in different form as you can see on their Menu.


I don’t think there is much more to say, this picture tells it all.  I really enjoyed this dish, and I highly recommend it.  If you see this truck in your neighborhood, be sure to check it out, or find out where they will be on their Twitter Feed!  A great idea and great menu = a great lunch.  4.8 burps!

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