I love movies!

The Amazing Spiderman

Two days ago I went to see THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.  I went into it with realistic expectations and my expectations were fulfilled completely!  Growing up as a wee boy boy, Spider-Man has always been my favorite Super Hero.  This is coming from a pure fan of the character, I was never really into comic books as a kid, so it was all based on from what I saw on TV.

I grew up watching the cartoon and singing along to the AWESOME theme song. 

I also used to watch the reruns of the TV Series!!!  You remember this, right?

I think you could say that I am a bit biased by the SPIDER-MAN Franchise.

By far, the newest installment of this series has finally been captured with the right team to  bring the character to life with visually stunning images and 3D!  The effects, action, suit, is out of this world!  I especially like the use of glass and windows to portray an “Amazing” effect and theme throughout the film.

So what can you expect from the movie?  It’s campy, its fun, great special effects, colorful and beautifully shot.  Is it Shakespeare?  No, it isn’t but if you want escapism, and the perfect summer movie, you must see this movie, and make sure you see this in 3D!  The use of 3D in this picture is not in your face, but it enhances the visuals and storytelling!  Its a fun ride and it made me feel like a kid again!

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