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Stare Down at California Fish Grill

Today I went to lunch with THOR and Sean.  We went to California Fish Grill in Foothill Ranch.  I ended up getting the Grilled Swordfish plate with beans and rice.  This was one tasty meal.  I was completely full, and very satisfied.  However, there was an incident that could have escalated into a full on brawl.  I am usually a pretty mellow guy, but today, I was getting a total stink eye stare down from a baby.  Seriously, it was not cool, homie just kept stone facing and evil eyeing me the whole time we were eating.  I even gave him a stare back to let him know it was not cool.  I was just about to get up and say, “Come at me baby bro!” but I decided to take the high road.  I was not gonna get sucked into his baby thug ways.  I have never hit a baby, but I will not hesitate to defend myself.  I’m just glad it didn’t have to come down to that, I walked away.

Anyway…food was great, company was great, minus the baby-tude.  4.75 solid burps!


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