This gentleman pretty much sums up how I feel about the loss to STANFORD. Good game Stanford, and life goes on, and so does the football season! FTFO!

Lost Angeles

Hey, how bout that ride in?  I guess that’s why they call it the Weekender…

It’s funny.  People think writing a post following a rough loss must be somehow brutal for me.  Just to clear it up if this in fact is my last season of covering the team in this manner, writing these posts isn’t hard.

I’d much prefer to write after a win, but in the end, as a Trojan, I’ve learned how to win and not flip out after a loss.  When we lose, it becomes so painfully obvious how few of our opponents know how to win.  Many of them act like a home schooled kid his first night getting drunk and seeing a naked girl.  Cue the mental pictures.

What I typically see is a sea of people who confuse my blog for ESPN jump to the comments section after the fact and talk a…

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