Beat the Bears!

Lost Angeles

It was really a blessing that this week’s game followed last weeks game.  More annoying than losing were the droves of Stanford fans (still) visiting the site and figuring out new ways to make themselves look bad while talking “smack”.  Even when Stanford’s head coach agreed that rushing the field made them seem like they were surprised to win and that it was a bad thing (act like you been there before or no one will believe you have or will continue to), it did not stop the rush of nerd smack that kept pouring in.  Here’s hoping they turn their attention to their next opponent.

I mean no joke, check out the consecutive streak of taunts by this lady.  This is more taunts than I get when I promise my wife I’ll do something and forget because I am drinking bourbon.


Intense, right?  Dog the Bounty Hunter doesn’t…

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