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Baby time is getting close.

Its an exciting time for us right now!  I can’t describe the feeling.  I feel butterflies in my stomach.  I can’t wait to meet this baby boy and bring him home.  Currently we are at almost 40 weeks into the pregnancy and baby can come as soon as this week.  We feel prepared but there is still that fear of the unknown.  I know we will be good parents, we have a lot of great support around us as well as awesome role models to inspire us.  Now we just need this kid to go ahead and come out of the womb and meet us!




One thought on “Baby time is getting close.

  1. What a precious time in your lives. I’m sending prayers for an easy labor and the healthiest time for you and your son. You’re not going to believe how wonderful you are going to feel after he’s born and in your arms. It’s a total “high” that only comes with that beautiful newborn.

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