Baby Budget: ten tips for working moms-to-be

Brie in the Butter Dish

Marco and I did NOT budget for the baby.  We ended up spending all extra funds on fertility treatments.  When Diego was born, I went on maternity leave, and the state disability plan gave me 55% of my salary.  I had paid into a supplemental disability insurance plan, which gave me another 35% of my salary, but it was not enough.  The limited funds put us behind, and we are only now beginning to feel that we are caught up.

We also found that as soon as Diego was born, all of our regular responsibilities were put on the back burner.  Not the immediate back burner, but one far enough in the back to be almost unreachable.  Yes, I was home all day.  No, I did not keep up with my Excel spreadsheet of bills.

I found that I was in a joyful fog, with little thought of the future, other than…

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One thought on “Baby Budget: ten tips for working moms-to-be

  1. It sounds like you three are seriously getting everything caught up. That’s wonderful. It’s stressful to get behind but you can stop any worrying you’ve been doing soon. Diego is such a lovely blessing. Enjoy him. He won’t be a darling baby forever – or a toddler.

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