Sadness fills my soul, Chano’s my favorite Mexican Food Grease Spot near USC has closed. #ChanosClosed

Chano’s has been feeding local patrons and many USC Students and Alumni for over 30 years, and today a good friend of mine sent me a message that Chano’s had closed.  The news really bummed me out.  I wanted to shout NOOOOO!!!! (Darth Vader Style)  Not only is this place nostalgic for me, (I used to live across the street) at times it was my personal chef.  Many of our Crack House Parties (as they were called in those days) would end up at Chano’s with a Nacho Plate or Chili Cheese Fries.

What even makes me sadder, is the fact that I never knew about the secret TROJAN MENU, I just found this on their website.  Chili Cheese Fries with Pastrami!!!????  WHAT!!!?

And now a moment of silence please.


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