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Billy Joel at the Hollywood Bowl

This weekend I got to cash in on my Birthday gift from April. Billy Joel in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl. We had some awesome seats too, third row seats!!!  (From the top) Nonetheless it was outstanding.  This was my second time seeing Billy Joel rock the house. The first time I saw him live was at the POND in Anaheim, now known as the Honda Center. 20 years later and at 65 years old, Billy still has incredible energy and delivers an incredible performance!!!
If he is in your town soon, and you like his music, do yourself a HUGE Solid and go see this concert. You will not be disappointed.
After riding the high from the concert, yesterday I also watched a new documentary on Showtime about his concert in Soviet Russia.
Billy Joel: A Matter of Trust–The Bridge To Russia

billy-joel billy-joel-rock-band-3

2 thoughts on “Billy Joel at the Hollywood Bowl

  1. I have seen him so many times and he has never disappointed.In my opinion he is a music icon. His talent for piano and music goes without saying. I also love how he connects he is to his audience. He talks to his excited crowd as though he is having a direct conversation with you. I can’t wait until the next time!
    Heidi – Still on Cloud 9 as well =)

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