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Happy Father’s Day!!! I am very thankful today, my first Father’s Day.

Today is my first Father’s Day.  I have been a father now for almost 11 months.  I am so full of joy and blessed to have finally experienced the incredible gift and challenge of fatherhood.  I experience all sorts of new adventures and bonding moments with our little Diego Knight Montenegro, but last night was truly one of the best.  Last night, just before we put him to bed, Diego was very tender and cuddly with me.  It is usually mom that gets most of the cuddles, but as if he knew that today was going to be Father’s day, Diego was super cuddly with me, playing with me and cuddling as he slowly fell asleep on my chest.  He reach up, touch my face, smile, giggle and say da da da da over and over again until he finally fell asleep.  I didn’t want that moment to go away, so I kept him there for awhile before I finally put him in his crib for the night.  It is one of many tiny moments that I will never forget. I still here his little voice whispering “da da da da….”  I love you buddy, my heart is full today.

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