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Diego’s first haircut at Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids

We were finally able to take Diego to get a haircut.  This is his first visit to a barber and it wasn’t so bad.  I originally tried to use clippers to trim his hair…that didn’t go over so well.  He screamed bloody murder after about 2 mins, and I just had to quit.  We were prepared for the worst, and it was actually a very pleasant experience.  We took him to Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids in Chino Hills.  The kids get to sit in a car of some sort.  There is a personal flat screen t.v. for them to watch videos.  (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Diego)  We got the Child’s first Haircut package which includes a wash, cut, blow-dry, fun chairs, 1st haircut certificate, picture, lock of hair, bookmark, balloon, lollipop, all for just $24.95.  The staff was incredible and really know what they are doing when it comes to kid’s cuts.  We are definitely going to go back to this place for haircuts.




Blurry Before






Say Cheese!!!!


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