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Two Days, two lunches

Salmon Teriyaki and Shrimp TempuraToday’s lunch comes from Fuji Grill in Lake Forest.  Salmon Teriyaki Bowl and Shrimp Tempura. 

Uncle Tony's Italian
Uncle Tony’s Italian .Yesterday’s lunch is from Togo’s in Foothill Ranch.  GREAT sandwich, Deli Quality!  What a great way to start my weekend!


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Itz A Deli

Lunch time took me to  Itza Deli Today.  I had a Hero Sandwich on Squaw bread.  Yes, not the typical bread choice for a Hero, but healthier.  Roast Beef, turkey, and ham with provolone cheese.  The ham was a bit too  salty for me, almost overwhelming.  Not bad, could have been better.  4 burps. 



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Da lu’au for lunch.

I would like to thank Tyler D for suggesting Da Lu’au for lunch today.  I had their Meat Jun…lovely.  I even worked in a salad and some grilled veggies.   Try it!   4.75 burps!  Good lunch with Brian W.  Tyler D.!


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Bangkok Thai for lunch today

 In case you didn’t know, I never actually plan where I am going to head out for lunch.  Most of the time, I just get in my car and hope that I find something that sounds good at the time.   Today I went to a local food court with Will, Rambo, and Thor.  I decided on having Thai Food from Bangkok Thai.

This is Rambo

Rambo likes to stick his head out the window, apparently lots of dogs find this very enjoyable.
I ordered the Pad See Ew.  Here is something interesting, if I were to name a dish, I would never use the word EWWWW anywhere in the title.  Maybe its just me, I’m just saying, I don’t want to associate the word “EW” with any dish I am going to serve to a customer.  Anyway, solid lunch, ate everything on the plate (except for the so called salad)  4.9 burps.  I would have given it a 5, however I actually ordered chicken, even though I really WANTED the beef.  Life is funny like that. 

Pad See EWWWW!
Oh yeah, we saw a FISKER in the parking lot on our way out.  Pretty bitchen!  Have a great weekend.