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Bangkok Thai for lunch today

 In case you didn’t know, I never actually plan where I am going to head out for lunch.  Most of the time, I just get in my car and hope that I find something that sounds good at the time.   Today I went to a local food court with Will, Rambo, and Thor.  I decided on having Thai Food from Bangkok Thai.

This is Rambo

Rambo likes to stick his head out the window, apparently lots of dogs find this very enjoyable.
I ordered the Pad See Ew.  Here is something interesting, if I were to name a dish, I would never use the word EWWWW anywhere in the title.  Maybe its just me, I’m just saying, I don’t want to associate the word “EW” with any dish I am going to serve to a customer.  Anyway, solid lunch, ate everything on the plate (except for the so called salad)  4.9 burps.  I would have given it a 5, however I actually ordered chicken, even though I really WANTED the beef.  Life is funny like that. 

Pad See EWWWW!
Oh yeah, we saw a FISKER in the parking lot on our way out.  Pretty bitchen!  Have a great weekend.

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