Easter 2016



San Francisco Black and White


Having a little more fun with fake lens flare.


Lucy O'Doll at Boomers in Irvine

Added the lens flare on a cell phone app.  Why not?

Serina at LACMA

Just another installment of Serina Zuniga at LACMA.  Follow her on twitter at  @serinazuniga

#Rubios for lunch today.

Grilled shrimp burrito.  Excellent.  4.5 burps.  Thank you.


Serina in Los Angeles

I really loved shooting with the lovely Serina Zuniga at LACMA earlier in the year, finally got around to posting these.  Serina is a natural and I really just get to step back and let her do her thing!!!  Still have more to come from this full day of shooting.

Just a few pix from CINEGEAR on Saturday 6/1/2013 #CINEGEAR

This Saturday I attended my third CINEGEAR EXPO.  It was pretty cool, I didn’t really take too many pictures this year, but here are just a few pix and a video!  Lots of cool new stuff.

Armed Forces Day Parade 2013

Serina on Location LACMA #LACMA @serinazuniga

Every time we work together we just seem to get some good stuff.  You can follow this beautiful young lady on Twitter at: @serinazuniga  The Levitated Mass Rock, is really something to see, but so is Serina.  Enjoy.

Hot Rod Homecoming Part II

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