Special Events

Cars Land, California Adventure

On Sunday, June 17th we decided to ignore 90 degree weather and expected large crowds, to see one of the most anticipated Disney new attractions in quite some time, Cars Land and Radiator Springs at Disney’s California Adventure.     Were the lines long?  Yes they were.  Did you get any fast passes?  No, we got there around 3 PM on Father’s Day.  All of the Fast Passes were sold out by 10 am.  Yes, 10 am.  So…a bit of advice if you are planning to visit Cars Land any time this summer.  Get there early so you can get some fast passes.  Get the park hopper pass so you can go into Disneyland and spend most of the day there and go back when your first fast pass is coming up.  If you don’t get a fast pass, most of the rides are going to take you 1-3 hours…yes HOURS in line.  If you dare to brave the wait, make sure you bring a book, iPad, Smart Phone, yo-yo, Slinky, Rubik’s Cube, or any other thing that could help you pass the time.  Or take this opportunity to unplug and actually talk to the person you are with like in the days before smart phones.  Don’t be afraid to connect with human people!  😉

Enough about that, so, how is Cars Land?  Its pretty impressive, you are really immersed in Radiator Springs.  The imagineers at Disney/Pixar really are some of the most creative, intelligent, detail oriented minds in the world.  They are truly the best of the best.  This place is pretty awesome and I didn’t even get to go on ANY of the rides.  I hope you do.  Here are some of the images I took during our visit.  Enjoy, and if you like, share/comment!  To see the complete set, click here: Cars Land Slide Show

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